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Seven Paintings in Seven Days

In January, two friends/fellow artists challenged me to paint seven paintings in seven days. It wasn't mandatory to paint NEW paintings. But I did. And I posted them on my blogspot blog...

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Dancing the Brush

One of my favorite parts of painting is wetting the fresh white paper, loading my brush with mid-value warm colors, then dancing it on the paper, adding cool color for contrast, creating an abstract...

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George Benjamin Luks on color

George Benjamin Luks was respected as a master of strong color effects. When interviewed on the topic, he said, "I'll tell you the whole secret! Color is simply light and shade. You don't need pink...

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The First Decisions by Edward Betts

"The first decisions. Before a brush ever touches canvas or paper, there are three fundamental kinds of decisions to be made: WHAT is the subject of your picture? WHY did you respond to that...

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Inspired by my students

Last week, I taught a three-day portrait-painting watercolor workshop in Grand Rapids, MN. Several students had not painted people — heads, faces, features — before. And one student had only taken a...

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Pulling it all together

I am enjoying the process of pulling this website together, adding more images and information. I look forward to uploading info to the "How & Why" section, which I hope will be valuable to my...

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