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Louise, watercolor artist/instructor, draws and paints, and teaches in Northern Minnesota. She is well known for her watercolor paintings of people (including portraits) and birch trees.

Louise is a life-long artist whose love of color commenced at age two when she drew colorful lines and shapes in crayon on the wall behind her parent’s sofa. She began her formal study of design and watercolor in 1980 under renowned instructors Edgar A. Whitney A.N.A., A.W.S; Robert E. Wood; and others, including a composite year of advanced study in design and painting under watercolor artist/instructor Cheng-Khee Chee. Louise has continued advanced study of design, painting, art history, and philosophy of classic and contemporary artists.

Her work has been featured in juried exhibitions and in publications. She created the cover art for Al Zdon’s three volumes of War Stories I, II, and III. She has worked as courtroom artist for television stations in Duluth and Minneapolis. Her people paintings, birch watercolor paintings, and her “Sauna Paintings” embellish the walls of homes and businesses in the United States and Finland. She teaches private lessons, small-group and large group classes and workshops to adults of all levels (beginning to advanced painters).

As an artist, I am a shape-maker, entertainer, and symbol collector. Art is learned and I am a perennial student. ~ Louise Laakso Lundin

“. . . for love of anything is the offspring of knowledge, love being more fervent in proportion as knowledge is more certain.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci